Monday, October 6, 2008

RealDVD (Google News Assignment)

RealDVD, a new technology from Realnetworks, has been banned from selling its product by a federal court. RealDVD is an application which allows the user to save DVDs to the hard drive of their PC.

Realnetworks released RealDVD in early September '08, which caused a stir among many Hollywood executives even before it was released. This caused the Motion Picture Associate (MPA) to quickly file a lawsuit hoping to stop the sales of RealDVD. The MPA is worried about copyright infringement, even though Realnetworks technology keeps the existing encryption and adds another level of copy protection to the content of the DVD. This makes it more difficult for people to share the DVD with others over the internet, and burning copies to disc. Even though RealDVD has this added protection, the MPA doesn't buy it. They believe this application will make it easier for consumers to access pirated movies.

The MPA won the first part of what is sure to be a long legal battle. Many industry insiders believe it is only a matter of time before DVDs are obsolete, and movies will be stored on a hard drive on your home computer, or a similar device.

Realnetworks is prepared to fight this legal battle, and bring this application to the consumer.

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