Monday, December 1, 2008

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Assignment

File transfer protocol (FTP) is a protocol for exchanging files over a network (i.e. internet). A FTP site is a storage facility to exchange files. FTP is a very useful tool for sharing and storing files. FTP servers are a useful way to store files in a central location, where users can access and share information without keeping the information on each individuals hard drive. This way of “collaborative computing” (if done properly) can save time, and space.

There are many applications available to access FTP. Fetch is an FTP client for Apple computers. WinSCP is a FTP client for Windows based computers. Both applications are FTP clients, which allow the user to connect to an FTP server. These are just an example of applications available, but there are many more.

Depending on how the FTP server is set up, the information will vary. First you will need to know the host name or i.p. address. Also, most administrators require a username and password so that the information is secure. Others may let anonymous users in. This is the information required, but depending on the administrator, some information may vary.

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